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Family Time

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In the same television viewers were quite clearly the highs and lows, the bright spots and Annoyances in a newly established extended family showed. After 45 minutes the show ended with a happy ending most of what in real life, of course, is not always the case. If part of two families, a new "joint family" is created, because not everything goes as smoothly as one would like. Usually both partners have lived together for some time with the children alone. It has been recorded on one another and arranged. There were certain rules in every household, but unfortunately different in each. Now each must find his role until a new or get assigned. The fact that not everything can work smoothly right away, of course by itself, it is therefore useful if the involvement of all stakeholders new family rules are developed and approved.

Especially in the beginning it may be useful to hold regular meetings, which are required to attend all family members to show dissatisfaction and through discussions and discussions bring. The marriage gets a partner (or both) at one time a "new", perhaps already half-grown child to have reversed the children overnight again a new father or a new mother. Now a lot of patience and empathy is required. As pubescent children themselves in the increased family are not always easy, with a newly emerging joint family a certain confrontation more or less inevitable. May also fall times of the phrase "You tell me nothing, you're not my father / mother". It hurts, of course, but you should try not to take seriously and it just put forward in the family meeting and discuss. An important point is not to forget the care of your marriage and partnership. Through the hustle and bustle in the beginning can happen easily.

Try also times an evening or a weekend to have for some time. If their own, or the "new" children, try to each other off, the partners should hold together firmly. When the children realize that, they will stop such attempts certainly fast. Then slowly return to normal after a few months enters, there will be no major differences to "normal family" anymore. Just have to consider even say that a resulting family is something very special. G. Wittmann, text & graphics link Tip: If you are planning a wedding can be found on our website right invitation cards, menu cards, printed napkins, menu loops and personalized wine labels for your dream wedding.