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Times Billy

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The night brings a reality of freshness in winter which starts in Buenos Aires. Billy Bond is the man in the interview. How write from an era that I not met? Even if recourse to the historical archives and you can play on words all lived by Bondo as say you – I never approach me toward the experience busy with one of the pioneers of rock in Argentina. The only memory I have of those years (had six) is a disc lid of the weighing of the Rock that … Read More…

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Nueva Esparta

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I took the plane from Aeropostal from Valencia, Carabobo, who I moved to the island, still in a period of summer and nearing completion vacation student, rather than the Government it has extended a week, by reasons for awaited election of the National Assembly to be held on 26 September. Penalties late 40 minutes to arrive at the island, certainly feels the immense heat that faces, despite being in rainy season, I moved to where I suffer for a week and since my arrival, the problems with the delay of … Read More…

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Museum Feminist

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Is not surprising that his work has been exhibited in many countries and that some of his photographs are permanent part of la Maison Europeenne collections of the Photographie de Paris, as well as the Museum of contemporary art in New York. They say that photography has no gender, both women and men can capture the same images. But the truth is that some women have photographed subjects that were probably not imported both photographers. I think about those daring women who photographed the suffragettes of the early century, or … Read More…

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Light One Life

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It enjoyed magnificent physical and mental health, he was leaving to run every morning, drank his fruity yogurt, and then a comforting shower was given to then exit to their work. In the movie of the life I had to interpret various roles. The father, husband, commissioned a fur and was extremely efficient in everything. Their schedules were strictly scheduled, he planned everything, birthdays, anniversaries, date of his commitment, and anything not forgot you. A beautiful late summer in your lunch hour decided to go to a restaurant other than … Read More…

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Chinese Government

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The stimulus plan was limited to give an upward blow to domestic demand without greater interest in its continuity. Does not seem to be the intention of the Chinese Government to generate a change in the habits of consumption and savings of the population. Andy Xie, analyst who closely follows the evolution of the economy, says without hesitation: China is not changing its model of growth. Exhausted the stimulus plan without the global economy (and mainly, the US) have been recovered, China faces a real problem to sustain its pace … Read More…

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The Balls

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Some people use chips, but personally I think they smell bad. Start with some pieces of newspaper and gnashing on loose balls. Some people tied them in knots. I use about 8 sheets of newspaper to light the fire. Stack the balls of newspaper in the center of the stove if you have any doubts or questions please leave them in the comments below. What should I do to get the best out of my new stove? First to turn your wood burning stove is necessary to open the air … Read More…

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A Tip To Learn German

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For the common denominator of people, German is not one language either, the German language is one of the most frightening for winning the adjective of difficult. The reality is that, if what a person wants to speak German, just because you want to add a language more in your resume, or just because you want to impress that group of investors during his visit to Frankfurt; from my point of view, that person faces a great challenge. The German language, like the vast majority of languages, is linked to … Read More…

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