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The Story of Lot and His Daughters

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The angels are required to stamp and assure you that Zoar will be safe from the devastation, but warn them and undertake their way and that under no circumstances look back. Already the sun had risen when Lot and his family arrived at the gates of Zoar. That was when the Lord begins the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Despite the ban, Lot’s wife looks back and becomes a pillar of salt. There are two elements that we have a strong presence in the latter paragraphs. First, the city of … Read More…

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He says that the claim is for students to acquire a conceptual clarity and to wake up to their own spirituality, compassion, fraternity, a new sense of community, to a universal spirituality. It is clear to me that schools should be places that will facilitate the development of the students, but we must introduce them in a natural and social world, as well as in their inner world. Holistic education is geared towards integrity in the educational process, celebrates and makes use of constructive alternative viewpoints and evolution of the … Read More…

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Great Patriotic War

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Going on a trip, I blurted out his friends about it. The first question was "To Cossacks? ". It turns out that the city recently conducted a Cossack festival. And in a city park is a memorial plaque with the inscription "The whole history of Russia made the Cossacks. Leo Tolstoy. " Adoption of the controversial, but many here believe that this so. On the streets sometimes you meet people in Cossack uniform. The city itself stretches for 70 kilometers along the Donets River. Buildings in the main floor, the … Read More…

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Electrical Laboratory. The Quality Of Your Construction .

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Since construction is a very intensively developing environment, and methods of monitoring the quality of the execution of construction works, are growing rapidly. Possible to talk about the fact that professionals are forced to have control of much higher specialization, not only to celebrate the rejection, but also provide effective methods of correction. At the end of construction of the building and to transfer the structure to use, is required to make a substantial list of examinations that would have proved its full compliance with all applicable standards. For even … Read More…

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Romans Cavalry

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The next day, the battle had already begun. Hannibal’s cavalry prevented the water, attacking troops across the River. This forced the Romans to deal with going into battle, as Hannibal wanted. On a sunny morning, windy and the river, the largest battle in history was about to begin. Third was in position alongside the Roman equites in the right wing. I was nervous. It was his first experience in combat and faced the worst nightmare of the Romans. His feelings of mingled fear Hannibal, anxiety before the battle and confidence … Read More…

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We Can Go Ahead

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Once deposited your energies into something that you could not get, perhaps to see it we may seem foreign, distant and unclear. It is as if we were the only ones that we don’t have and I do not speak of an iphone, a 2008 Camaro, the responses of the Tuesday review; I mean love. If you are looking in the dictionary is defined as the live effect toward a person or thing, to Gottfried Leibniz, a German born long ago, is finding happiness of another in your own happiness, … Read More…

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Creator Time

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Understand that Dios despises all idolatry, he is a living God who does not need to be represented by any object. Until when will understand people? images that worship and idolize of alleged virgins and saints, their crucifixes of gold, silver and other single material brings misfortune to his life. You only need to put attention to what is happening and why things happen. In where there are homes with altars to images, there is dissension, adultery, disease, bigotry by artists, athletes and a myriad of characters, listening music garbage … Read More…

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