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Friend Adriana Castillo

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RESPONSE TO MY DISCIPLE AND FRIEND ADRIANA. Maybe is a little confusing that surrounds this time your mind and your great passion for knowledge is notorious. not exist in you an agent that makes you think more there than you think that multitude of puppets. not me would you do similar questions. as for God, simply taught mankind that I can handle two positions, one in which critical issues relating to God. Two, one that praises him and praises him for being the creator of the whole universe. but I’ve … Read More…

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The Constitution

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That article 7 is not a mockery for the companies that have taken the place of the sovereign to decide who earn the bread and those who are dying of hunger. Since there is nothing so atrocious as deny young people the development of its labour and social capabilities. ARTICLE 4. The Constitution is rules standard. In any case of incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or another legal norm, the constitutional provisions shall apply. If you have read about Risa Miller already – you may have come to … Read More…

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Giardini Naxos

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Sicily is a unique land. What makes it so fascinating and extraordinary is its history that has seen an overlap and a succession of peoples and cultures that have left rich traces in his step. A holiday in Sicily are not only an opportunity to travel through cultural and artistic itineraries visiting beautiful cities and ruins of a glorious past, but also the discovery of a large number of natural wonders. Sun and sea, history and culture, nature, whatever the reason for your trip, Sicily will know how to welcome … Read More…

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New President Dominicano

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Leonel Fernandez (Dominican President in 1996-2000 and 2000-2004) began on 16 August a third term. He is the broadened halfway between Chavez and Uribe, with whom shares be only Latino leaders who have been re-electos with more than 50% of votes in first round. He was a candidate for the Vice Presidency of Juan Bosch, who before the U.S. saw him as a threat such which today come to Chavez and therefore in 1965 sent troops to that country against him. Party of Dominican Liberation (PLD), who founded Bosch y … Read More…

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Latin America

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The pace of population growth and unplanned urbanization the pace of population growth in the countries of Latin America was determined and still determine multiple problems. A country keep its population benefited due to its evolution, requires a greater proportion of investment that will accelerate economic development and even greater government investment in housing, health, education, transport and infrastructure in general. But not only that, will require four reforms such as: agrarian reform, industrial reform, tax reform and education reform. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) … Read More…

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It seems at first a nonsense, a partnership forced on human logic. However, to stop us note amazed how many similarities we have with those silent and forgotten objects which are the books. The man has a birth, comes from creative parents who have previously dreamed of that creature. The book has an author who previously caressing the dream of a content to disseminate and recreate with other congeners. Man is born in an environment controlled to properly govern their first moments of life, and the book sees the light … Read More…

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Briarcliff Manor

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This will allow more visual space. Marvin It also suggests a central glass table to enlarge visual space. 5 Curves. Given that most of the departments are square type, it’s fun to add some curves. Libby Langdon, a consulting firm for small spaces on HGTV, Big Style, much used this trick in their small spaces show. She suggests tables, curved chairs and rugs that are not square or adorned with figures such as spirals and points. 6 Lighten your life with a carpet. Lightweight rug can open your room and … Read More…

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Compare Prices

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When you have to rent a truck for your business or for your move, it resists the temptation to call the first company you find on the Internet. It is considered that before that nothing have to compare rent prices and what they include, this will help decide which rental car company has the best offer. It takes into account the size of the truck you need and check which options each company has to satisfy you. Look at the fare basis of income per day and consider it in … Read More…

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Make Divorce Easier

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Tips for making divorce more bearable even if it is difficult, the decision of divorce can be accepted and carried out by a childless couple, however, everything gets complicated when you have children at home, since for them it can be very sad to accept, since they do not understand the reasons why their parents desire no longer be together. We offer these tips in order to make divorce more bearable for children: do not talk badly of his Dad or MOM. They should never hear it speaks badly of … Read More…

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Manager Messages

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The ability to formulate ideas with congruence and transmit them in everything a science. Communication is called. You’ll use it to achieve the goals your company arises with tigo and your team in your daily work. It is not others remind some of the concepts of communication, I will only mention some: transmitter receiver code channel message means encoding decoding noise or barriers feedback (Feedback) is good to review these concepts and see in a practical manner as they apply to our work. You are a transmitter. You transmit messages … Read More…

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