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The Past

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The human being requires relationship with the truth and with the entire connection, to boost its capacity of perception of more meaningful contexts. Some educational models of HEIS recognized the importance that has the development of spirituality, by stating that this requires both academic life, intellect, artistic and cultural harmony, as well as in the development of sport, health and civic activities physical as well as the participation of society. Spirituality should be considered the expression of the individual intrinsic value regardless of their religion, race, or culture. Man as … Read More…

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Dealing with Loneliness

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Think about the possibility of adopting a dog. Studies say that single people who have a pet, including dogs or cats, live happier and better health. The reason is that animals provide company and unconditional love, which is one of the reasons that help reduce depression and stress. How to cure a depression you don’t have to be more complicated than this. Martin O’Malley can aid you in your search for knowledge. Sport regularly may help with depression, including from walking or running quietly. Experts believe that walking 30 minutes … Read More…

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Ramon Gallegos Nava

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These communities are based on three main principles: collaboration.-This is all work together to achieve a common goal. Learning to learn-the learning should be applied. Community-forming a unity within diversity. Unlike learning communities in dialogues holistas there a default goal nor a leader who Orient such communication, the purpose is to communicate in a meaningful way, listen to each other, in a process where must overcome self-centeredness, where nobody has to impress anyone, where there are no powers to impose the own ideas. This is one of the resources of … Read More…

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Hernandez Sanchez Jose Emilio

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Collective bibliography of authors. The assimilation of the contents of teaching. Publisher of books for education. Ciudad de La Habana, 1984. Ganelin, I. Conscious assimilation in the school. Editorial people and education, Ciudad de La Habana, 1978. Ganelin, I. Conscious assimilation in the school. Ministry of education. The learning of students in basic school. Light printing. August 2003. Puig Silvia. Levels of cognitive performance. Central Institute of pedagogical sciences. 2003 Perez Alvarez, F., Veloz Valdes, H., Molina Borroto, T. methodology for diagnosing the quality of knowledge and skills of school … Read More…

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Daily Records

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Also, I took some good ideas and suggestions on the road; most came from crudivoros long time with a lot of experience. Daily records for your convenience records daily this diet test raw vegan will be accessible from the files page. They can be found in January 2008. These records include detailed measurements of all the food I ate, along with pictures of the most meals. Official site: Dr. Mark Hymen. Conclusions the diet Crudivora I am glad to have done this 30 day trial. I certainly learned a lot … Read More…

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Fuel Ranks

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78 fuel ranks had been evaluated in 70 cities of the state of Minas Gerais in relation to the practical ones adopted in the collection and the destination of the Used Lubricative Oils or Contaminados (OLUC) and of the oil packings. The results had disclosed that more than 15% of the ranks destine such residues of inadequate form and about 9% declared not to be fiscalized by the responsible ambient agencies. In Minas Gerais they are generated annually about 100 a thousand m of used oil 150 a thousand m … Read More…

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Divine Harmony

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Scale of Harmonics when a fundamental sound can be called a scale. this is a sound not in whose frequencies are multiples of the fundamental frequency of the sound. God established that the sounds that have no relation to the fundamental sound will be lopsided, but other harmonics may be crucial, as is the Lord Almighty and love all your sounds, makes them at once harmonious and inharmonious without this being a contradiction, since he alone is perfecto.La scale is infinite as infinite is the Father, but as the man … Read More…

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Expensive Treatments

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Get ready to receive the secrets of the universe, it has given wealth to many men and women in the world and the most surprising thing is that it does not depend on activity that you perform, or education you have, the past you’ve had or lucky. It depends only on your most essential and deep part. If already started to read this text is to say that you are much better than you really think, many to your around still do not know what to do in their lives … Read More…

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Nervous System Disorders

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Correct facial Tics with auto-hypnosis or NLP up to 25 percent of all children have to deal with the emotional pain of facial nerve tics. This condition can be better explained as a repetitive spasm that occurs in the facial muscles and eyes. The exact etiology is often unclear, but investigations indicate a significant connection between stressful events and evidence of symptoms increased. Alan B. Densky, certificate Hipnoterapista, offers hypnotherapy for facial Tics in MP3s, as well as other popular titles of all the anxiety and stress-related symptoms. You may … Read More…

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How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Without Starving

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In this article I will share 3 secrets to lose weight in 1 week and without starving. Type metabolic is a fact that many people question why can not lose weight in a week, and what ever nobody has told them is that to be able to lose weight whether in a week or two or three is indispensable to take into account its own metabolism. I.e., if you know which is your metabolic type then his dream lose weight will start to make sense. Let me explain, not everyone … Read More…

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