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Art Deco

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In the following years consolidating its position as an artist to produce his most notable paintings, including self driving a green Bugatti will provide recognition (in addition to many commissions), as a portraitist. In 1933 she married Baron Raoul Kuffner, who is also its greatest collector and dealer. Eyeing the hard times that predicted the Nazi threat moves to the United States in 1939 where in addition to rubbing shoulders with the elite of society and great film artists at his home in Beverly Hills, made successful exhibitions in New … Read More…

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When I was small I had a dog, a guy gave me, I myself take it home inside a shoe box. When we toured all over the place, I smell and I pee up marking new territory. Shortly after that animal from just over 7 weeks of life became my best friend played, were, we did everything, and it was not necessary to take a walk because by that time the houses were huge (although I think that I was small) the truth is that in the courtyard we played … Read More…

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Teaching Dogs

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And you want to teach a dog to be educated? Dogs are always learning. The problem is how to teach a dog to learn good habits and quit bad habits forever? Dogs understand things very differently than we humans so often when you’re trying to correct your dog can actually create behavior problems peoresa ! If you have a disobedient dog that causes you stress or embarrassment, breaking everything in your house, that makes disaster when left alone, barking all the time, etc., Then you’ve come to the most favorable … Read More…

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Ramon Gallegos

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From the first concepts of education holistic I met by the year 2002, one of the things that I liked a lot because its meaning is when mentioned in the introduction as educators Holistas must walk in a universal hug I think that it should be to generate a significant change in our globalised world, see us as a great community where we must make sure wesupport us care for us all. The twelve principles that set out below, some were subsequently developed in books where expands and explicitly with … Read More…

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Natural Law

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Now we could say, that mankind is fraught with Improvised leaders, i.e. that it played by those recurring psychological factors of the past (that each wearer in your unconscious, subconscious e) infraconciente), take care of any situation (good or bad), ordered by the Natural Law. Quite another thing, is that human being that is revealed against himself and against everything, fighting to cancel their “old debts”, initiating the experimentation of the REAL thing, with that which is beyond the affections and the mind, with what is not time, to go … Read More…

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Not Just Reality

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Some of them, in its infancy, were beggars or homeless people in countries where poverty was their culture. They did not change their world that were special or gifted; they were able to depart from your rational mind and change your vision. They saw another reality, that made them free forever; by that became teachers, if teachers themselves. Yes they are special and gifted. While the people of its around it sank into the sea of despair, of pain, of suffering by their arrogant ignorance, they floated due to the … Read More…

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Three bombs were blast in a bar in the city of Maiduguri. The attack was aimed at policemen who were in the room. The Government points to a radical Islamist group as responsible. At least 25 people died this Sunday to explode three bombs in a bar in the city of Maiduguri, located in the northeast of Nigeria, according to several witnesses and military sources reported. Around 18.00 h, local time, several men mounted on motorcycles threw up to three explosive devices against this bar, in an attack that appeared … Read More…

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