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Oviedo University

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Years later Granellwould say: “The investigation on any significant logic in any methodology. the “logic”, was a first step, of course, crucially, for my future musings, which were human culminating in the neighborhood, subtitles: Substantiation of Etiological. “Granell Manuel Muniz was born in Oviedo on June 18, 1906 and died in Caracas on November 13, 1993. He began his studies at the Faculty of Oviedo, for then, in 1925, studies at the School Superior de Architectural de Madrid. Fail in the exams and are attracted by philosophy. Advised by his … Read More…

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Flue Stainless Steel

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Chimney – a vertical pipe or conduit of rectangular or circular cross section to produce thrust, and the flue gases from the heat generator (boiler, furnace) and chimney up into the atmosphere. Chimney – a pipeline or canal to flue gases from the boiler to the chimney or out through the wall of the building. Stainless steel flues – recently the most common solution for the flue gases, and it is no accident they are durable, Acid-proof, leak-proof and less labor-intensive to install than other chimneys. This article will address … Read More…

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Main Reactions

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For manual arc welding electrodes with a thick layer covering the chemical reactions between metal arc gases and slag flow at 2100-2300 C in a time of transition drops of molten metal through the electrode and cover arc gap. Further physical and chemical processes occur in the weld pool. The main chemical reaction during welding under flux occur only under a layer of molten flux in the welding bath. Consider key reaction in the weld zone of steel, as the most popular metal that is to be welded. Oxidation. In … Read More…

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Chinese Pyrotechnics

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Every year we celebrate one of the largest and most beautiful festivals in the night sky kotorgo lit with colored lights and fireworks, and the echo of explosions and popping pierce the entire city. Surely most people perceive the new Year of the most interesting, enchanting, funny and massive celebration. This is the time we spend in the company of his best friends, relatives and friends. And directly to them, as well as many strangers we can demonstrate all his inventiveness, original ideas and professionalism, to try himself as an … Read More…

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Work After Vacation

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Since the Christmas holidays we have, as elsewhere in the corporate world, a short vacation, people are trying to relax on the full program. So here it is worth recalling that there is such thing as a 'dootpusknoy' and 'Posleotpusknoy' syndromes. So, a characteristic feature of 'dootpusknogo' syndrome is that the performance of a man two weeks before the holiday is 3 times greater than the same average annual performance. MacDowell Colony may help you with your research. Following the same leave or extended holidays, and it should understand and … Read More…

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