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The Oyster And The Pearl

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*Jose Antonio Loyola Fogueira Boris was one of the children new of a family of thousand of oysters, and since small always it complained, for the fact to have that to live grasped to some thing, chorale, rock or thing that are it did not like its clothes found dark, and without brightness. Sea, choral they and they liked yes them colors its neighbors as the star it diverse fish that in its constant ballet could go and always come, in one frenesi colorful and maluco. This yes was the … Read More…

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Gallegos Nava Ramon

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Spiritual intelligence is a very complete and unparalleled unique intelligence, with it we are to achieve the lighting, will arrive to become aware of the truth. In our educational environment and as teachers it is very necessary that we should give us mind our daily live and let a reflection, as we are, how we feel, how we act, to where we know, how we interact with people, with our own consciousness, we can achieve this through spiritual intelligence. Because education is mainly an encounter between human beings to learn … Read More…

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Step Back Less Minutes

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Spotify is one of the most famous Internet music applications allowing you to listen to music for free without downloading it and a single click. Unlike products like Youtube does not have cuts and has millions of songs (even the oldest songs are) Unfortunately, and for those who use Spotify Open, i.e., those who use the free plan, the limitation has been updated as indicated on his blog: anyone Spotify Free or Open can listen to free a maximum of 10 hours per month music from our catalogue. This is … Read More…

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If you really want to have a list of Opt-in subscribers, beware of not making certain common mistakes that many novice entrepreneurs committed, since not only it’s send catalogs or promotions in your newsletter or bulletin. In the same way that you can use several techniques to make your clients subscribe, avoid doing so many things that they will only make that wish to delete from your list. In addition to this, there is that prevent certain problems with rules and regulations of the Internet today existing day that bring … Read More…

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More Visitors

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Here is a reality for you that you have your store on the web: the majority of people who for some reason enters your store online, is not to buy things, but to find free information. But you don’t give up, this can be great news if you write free articles. It means that you have a technique that you can connect and use if you need more traffic. Writing articles is one of the ways faster and easier to carry traffic directed to your home page. Your items will … Read More…

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Bosque Moment

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I took two weeks and a half with my team after a very long summer. For the first time in seven years I’ve rested and it has me very well. It is not the best moment of my life, yet I have much, he said showing his hunger. Of time has won already two titles with Barca, removing the thorn in Arsenal where he always was at gates of the success. I try to take advantage of me of the quality of my colleagues. Different things happen when Andrew has … Read More…

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Lord Nelson Vargas

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Already there is talk of the killing of the kidnapped daughter of Lord Nelson Vargas. This is not no good news. Just think of a sapling retained illegally and violently away from the paternal bosom. Cause horror. This man has lived one year and three months of Mortification and anguish for plagiarism of his daughter. With all my heart we wish that the bones found by the authorities in a house in the South of the city of Mexico is not her daughter and that she still is alive. However, … Read More…

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Orthodontics Same

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However, very important facial changes are now made with a combination of Orthodontics and surgery in chosen individuals to receive this kind of treatment. Logically not all patients need surgery, but on the contrary, the vast majority of cases can be resolved with conventional orthodontics. The orthodontist with taste will give a professional opinion close to your case in particular. The brackets in your everyday life you may have the concern of whether it looks good or evil using brackets or if the use of the same interferes you in … Read More…

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