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A Happy Sunday

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Different Edson Silva of my time of infancy, when we learned in the characteristic school of the four stations of the year and, generally, they occurred religiously, today are not easy to know if we are in the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Before, in the first one they came flowers; second it was of the sun and much heat; in the Autumn they came fruits and the wind; at last in the Winter leves were falling and contradictorily leaving naked the trees that immovable would have to face the … Read More…

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Aquariums – A Magical World

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There are people who claim that the hobby of aquarium is boring. Others are put off by the enthusiasm of little who provides the quiet, colorful water world. In the aquarium it is a relatively little time-consuming care and devotion to animals and plants that touch us deeply in human origins. Is it hard to imagine, the origin of man is also in the water, and these roots are deeply embedded in our unconscious. Sun now, numerous studies have shown that the human body when viewing an aquarium and the … Read More…

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Anthony Robbins

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Many are worried about the great decisions and if they forget that they are the small choices that make all the difference! For example, when we find with a person badly humorada, instead of reacting equally with harshness, we can choose to donate gentility, education and a good smile to it! Simple action that they very expend little of us, but that they engrandecem in them and they break the previsibility of a cycle. Gentility generates gentility and paid badness if with goodness. I believe this and I know that … Read More…

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