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Communications Manager

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New course for professionals in the communications industry of course developed in collaboration with heads of Agency, marketing managers and communication consultants benchmarks in terms of content and structure. We were able to implement practical the jointly developed curricular requirements. The deductive construction of the course, which consists of an undergraduate institution and studying those main is completely new. Study communications management is the latest CTE study of all time at the start “, so Mirko Rutz, Academy head of CTE. The marketing and communication-political structures are taught in undergraduate, … Read More…

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In a new practice of EQ dynamics international leaders learn to lead staff in times of downsizing. Staff lead in times of downsizing.” So reads the title of a new training specifically developed by the Munich-based training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international businesses, has decided to be headed: we reduce staff. In the overall four-day training (two times two days) the necessary know-how conveyed executives, who must implement this decision in the staff contact, as professionally, to make this process in their area; Furthermore as possible without pain”for the … Read More…

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Successful Ebook

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All we know that to have a library in where to lodge the books that we almost wished this outside our reach by two reasons, the money that we would have to invest and the space to lodge all those books. although until it does a pair of years began to commercialize in the market different hand devices that allow the text document reading, in the reality in our country it has not been gotten to satisfy the needs of those who enough wish to spend time reading, since screens … Read More…

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Ego And Success

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Has the rich people enormous ego? He is bad that rich and the powerful ones feel like the owners of the world and which they are able to make any thing that is happened to them? Many normal people , with the Earth feet are able to perceive that others have an out of proportion self-esteem. What happens in the mind of a person who sees another one and that is said of have an ego of the size of the world there? The truth is that, the people who … Read More…

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Having Success

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1 Keep a positive MENTAL attitude: The world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams is optimistic, don’t know any realistic, much less pessimistic, man who has done something important in your life. All men who have transcended history dreamed of and they always thought big and for the same reason they were victims of ridicule and derision by his friends and even his own family, but never made case, much less bidawed were and discouraged, quite the opposite, were determined and focused on making your … Read More…

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Making Your Website More Successful

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I was looking at some websites to see what things I liked and things I liked about them. No doubt there are things that attract people and there are things you really dislike. I made a list of 13 tips that can help make your site more successful. Most of them are simple but very effective to make your site more friendly and easy to navigate. Guitarist takes a slightly different approach. I was looking at some websites to see what things I liked and things I liked about them. … Read More…

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Successful Trading

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Such losses not only reduce the capital, but also reduce your future opportunities to earn more profits. Thus, closing the position on foot you will not only safeguard against further depreciation of the capital, but also get the opportunity to earn money in other deals. In other words, closure on the foot increases the chances of successful trading. Reluctance to close a profitable position sometimes greed takes possession of a trader so that he does not notice how it becomes a profit loss. Protection of this is clear adherence to … Read More…

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European Commission

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The free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the software manufacturer bremen online services is involved in an EU project for the Europe-wide e-procurement of public authorities. The PEPPOL (Pan-European public procurement online) project has completed his first year behind. The European Commission welcomed this with a significant increase in the budget. Get all the facts and insights with Guitarist, another great source of information. Thus the integration of other partners is funded, individual priorities be financially strengthened and the sustainability of the project results 2011 secured after the end of … Read More…

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His Own Road To Success

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Take your time, retreat to a quiet place, do so for a few days, relax and reflect, think that their time has come and now it is your turn. Perhaps seem selfish tip, but I assure you that to think about yourself and improve it, inevitably it will improve also the lives of those who for you are important. It can be retired somewhere, some journey, or simply a series of hikes through places that are to their liking, without encouragement or objectives of any kind, only oxygenate it and … Read More…

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Sniper Traders

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In our last publication, I compared the trader with a sniper who must combine self-control with high levels of aggression and determination. There is another aspect in which traders are like snipers: both have periods of intense activity punctuated potentially long periods of inactivity. Sniper can wait for hours or even days in ambush, waiting for his shot perfectly prepared. Humidity, cold, convulsion and just boredom – the biggest enemy of a sniper. Very rarely are people able to stay for a long time without moving, and then work with … Read More…

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