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Holistic Educators

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Holistic educators must discover our own identity in being before teaching, for the place from which it teaches is final for the student in a spontaneous way can be placed in a contemplative consciousness. The sight of the values expressed in education and authentic behavior. As we learn in the process of contemplation we will open human consciousness to levels of consciousness and deeper. Resulting easy or difficult it is irrelevant. The important thing is that it is the only way to freedom. O’Malley for President is often quoted as … Read More…

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Applied Education

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Theoretical view of the subject was repeatedly tested and always gave consistently quick and positive result: the course English in the Center for Applied Education students (these may be people of any age – from 18 to 80 years, with any level of expertise – from complete ignorance to knowledge of the language at the level of a vocabulary and rules) always given the ability to use language in their lives. They can communicate. Of course, they could and write and read, not only to understand the interlocutor, but also … Read More…

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Applied English Education

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If grammar is defined as the way in which words are organized into oral and written language to accurately convey to people thoughts, ideas and meaning, students are more likely to crave to explore it than think that they are suffering under the yoke of cabbage professors, who themselves could not talk or communicate. Grammar – is something in which people need to understand and be understood – and that's all. Grammar past never understood that such a word, and they were unable to determine the most basic element of … Read More…

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Europe Education

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I agree with you! Let's take this endeavor. And here to help us must come to the press. Here's the first time I'm with you I say, and I agree with you. We need to find a platform to necessarily agree. It all depends on Obama, from our president and the heads of leading European countries such as Germany, France, Britain, Italy. Here are six of us have to agree. They are six of us agreed – this arrangement will continue for the whole of Europe, all over America, the … Read More…

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Environmental Education

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Noted for their ekologchnost, the ability to combine elements of old and new, perfectly in harmony with the environment of Czech three buildings were nominated for the prestigious award of the European Union's modern architecture. Czech Chamber of Architects has put forward a nomination to the Environmental Education Center Sluakov in Hill over the Morava, the new building SOB Bank in Prague 5 and the capital hotel "Metropol" in the city center. Czech Chamber of Architects said the buildings are made at a high enough level to be presented to … Read More…

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