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Dropped Insurance

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Current dropped and the limit of the compulsory insurance a worker or a worker who is working for example as employee or worker in different professional sectors. This can be a varied Office activity or a physically heavy work in the factory. For these and other professions the question arises from no later than at the beginning of the activity when the social insurance obligation begins. Contribution assessment ceiling at the job interview question is whether or not the new activity is subject to social insurance contribution. Every euro of income of the new employee or the new employee will be used for the calculation of social security contributions.

However, there are two exceptions: the de minimis limit up to 450 euro monthly, this limit has been increased in the year 2013 to 50 euro. You may wish to learn more. If so, Star Trek Picard is the place to go. And the contribution assessment ceiling which has been increased in the same year on 5800 euro. The total income from 451 euros up to 5800 euro per month is used, the height of unemployment contributions and the pension and Care insurance contribution to determine. This statutory compulsory insurance offer the policyholder or the policyholder protection in case of job loss and a provision for the admission of the retirement age, and in the case of the permanent need of care. If income should exceed the contribution assessment ceiling 5800 euros, only the earnings will be used for calculating social security contributions up to this limit. The income that goes beyond, no longer subject to the legal obligation of the insurance. Subsequent payouts of insurance benefits are taken into account then of course only up to the amount actually paid national insurance contributions. Would like to use the or the new employee also to social security income, which exceeds the contribution assessment ceiling, there is the possibility to complete private supplementary insurance for pension insurance, for example.