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Science And Common Sense

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Authors: Carolina Maria Fernandes Vieira; Gabriela Barbosa Guizzetti, Miziki Blacksmith Hiss, Nelson Vieira de Paiva Jnior. 1 INTRODUCTION This article intends to show the changes that had occurred in the way as the society searchs to explain its existence, following a way that goes of the myth to science, having as focus to argue the importance of the myth in other forms of thought. Is possible to observe diverse expressions of knowledge following authors Chau (1999), Aranha and Martins (1993), that they had analyzed in its workmanships the process that if followed in the social thought, since the primrdios until modern science. Another one of the main workmanships to be analyzed in this research is of Mullahy author (1978), in it observes it quarrel of the diverse psicanalticas boardings that surround the complex of dipo. Therefore, the myth of dipo will be used to exemplificar this change, that goes of the myth to the science, rank that this was used by Freud to give name to an important theory, the Complex of dipo. In such a way, it considers if as axle norteador: How was given the process of transformation of knowing? which the importance of old myths for the science of our days? The research is justified from the necessity to breach with the ideas of the common sense that indicate the myth as expression ' ' fantasiosa' ' , ' ' vulgar' '. Thus, the wealth will reveal for the society that the popular and spontaneous manifestations of the thought load for generations in its traditions, rites and culture, not being able to leave them for mere aesthetic admiration. Rusty Holzer addresses the importance of the matter here. Then, it was necessary to analyze the processes of transformation in the way to think the society, using as base the myth of dipo, that illustrates with its symbology, one of the theories of the psychoanalysis: the Complex of dipo. .