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A Happy Sunday

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Different Edson Silva of my time of infancy, when we learned in the characteristic school of the four stations of the year and, generally, they occurred religiously, today are not easy to know if we are in the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Before, in the first one they came flowers; second it was of the sun and much heat; in the Autumn they came fruits and the wind; at last in the Winter leves were falling and contradictorily leaving naked the trees that immovable would have to face the cold. Today, it seems that it has days that the four stations occur simultaneously. A sunday of these, when leaving per the morning I had the certainty to be about one day of Summer. The sun went high, even so was not so late. In the square that it hugs almost all the quarter seems that they had taken the care of aparar all gram and what if could see age much life bathed for the astro-king. Parents and grandmothers taught children to raise multicolored pipes, certainly none of them with dangerous cerol at that moment. the small ones, some of naked chests, others with diversified shirts of its preferred teamses of soccer, they ran of a side for the other, with clear demonstration of contentment when seeing the pipes to draw jugglings in the sky than more blue.

Some adults took a walk with dogs, the fierce animals of appearance brought focinheiras, beyond being imprisoned in coleiras supported for strong leather straps or chains. Freer, the minors could until taking off wave with the greaters, without running perigos, while some owners until risk paqueras in the square. In the sidewalk, in bandos, couples or, individually aged make to salutar walked, without if forgetting in the hat or cap, solar protective it and of non-separable garrafinha of water. The rhythm is forced, but nothing sliding until the one without end of where the sun despertou to make its long day until pulling plus a night. Some girls risk to run and logical that the intention is to lose perpetual two quilinhos more than them pursues in chronic way. I am thinking as they are demanding, two quilinhos more where? Religious they visit houses and they speak with the people on the messages of Christ. But, of observing step half to that athlete, therefore I remember that the preferred bakery will close in minutes and did not buy a perfect company for that day of sun: the beer geladinha, who knows until an ice cream of fruits? My forced race brings commentaries, as: ' ' The Tiozinho is in form ' ' , but nor I am chateado, until sketch smile, after all nothing can confuse plus that happy day. Edson Silva, 49 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br


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