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A Tip To Learn German

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For the common denominator of people, German is not one language either, the German language is one of the most frightening for winning the adjective of difficult. The reality is that, if what a person wants to speak German, just because you want to add a language more in your resume, or just because you want to impress that group of investors during his visit to Frankfurt; from my point of view, that person faces a great challenge. The German language, like the vast majority of languages, is linked to a set of particular rules, and I am not speaking of grammatical rules, cases nor of the declensions of adjectives. I mean a much broader issue than the accusative case or the prepositions of the dative case. I’m talking about a rule that gives us exponentially the comprehension of the language. If as German students want to understand the logic of the language, we must commit ourselves with issues related directly to the countries where German is spoken: the culture: the German language is one of the richest languages culturally, or case surnames Mozart, Goethe, Beethoven, Strauss, and Wagner, among others, are not enough to consider it a rich language culturally? German is a language rich in regards to culture, and is not a question that a student should be ignored.

Be interested in this topic is to open a door to learning the language. This more than clear to take a German course instructor-led or online is necessary, but we must also pay attention to the issues that make the language, be interested in the culture of the countries where the language is spoken as well, for example, to the present day reading newspapers and listening to a radio in German, is a big step we can take if we want to learn the language. A good idea is also see movies in German and best even if films are somehow related to the language. Amadeus, the film that deals with the life of Mozart is a good choice to start. I also recommend some German actors like Til Schweiger or Moritz BLEIBTREU, that have formed part of the cast in movies that do not have any waste. Another interesting to see movie is Der Untergang, known in our language as the fall or the sinking.

The plot is based on the memoirs of a secretariat of Hitler. The film unfolds almost in its entirety in the bunker where the Nazi authorities took refuge in the last weeks of the so-called battle of Berlin. Complement our study and even concern ourselves with issues related to the language is of fundamental importance to meet our goal of learning German. Juan Paulo Altamirano Castle CEO AlemanAutodidacta.


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