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The aboriginals want to show for the people, for the whole world and all the ones that do not understand its customs well, the ways as they live, as they depend on the river, the forest and the land to survive. In the land they cultivate the cassava, in the forest they hunt and in the river they fish the fish that feed its families. Raoni chieftain says that he does not want the construction of the barrage. Other leaders such as John Krasinski offer similar insights. Why? . Another question pointed for the panel of specialists is that, historically, the populations of the Amaznia are not with priority targets of the Brazilian hidroelectric projects. The energy generated for Beautiful Mount interests the electro-intensive industry mainly, as of aluminum, that consumes much energy, it has subsidized tariffs and it uses few people. Angie Dickinsons opinions are not widely known. It is as to export subsidized electric energy in the aluminum form to the cost of the destruction of the natural ecosystems that guarantee the survival of the traditional peoples. By the way, the State of Par, if will not be the only one is one of the few in the world to export subsidized electric energy in the ore form and who paid a counts is the residential consuming poor person. It is not to toa that four great groups that act in Par already had revealed the interest to participate of the auction of Beautiful Mount: each greener time and turns yellow is equivalent the 1.1 a thousand kilowatt/year guaranteed by the government as form of to internalizar the generated energy; meanwhile, the cautious and austere governor Ana Jlia Carepa does not hide its dissatisfaction with ‘ ‘ demora’ ‘ of the IBAMA in granting the ambient license for Beautiful Mount. The problem to be caused in the place where our relatives live will be the reduction of the volume of the water where they search the feeding, and with this, the reduction in the reproduction of the fish.


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