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We are using the trial of difficulty as an explanation of the situation. 3 .- We are validating this explanation as the correct explanation (in appealing the trial tacitly constitutive feature of difficulty as smoking). The result is that we close the possibility of eliminating the habit of our own will because they assume it is something that does not depend on us but that is the result uncontrollable external conditions. When we asked about why it is hard to quit smoking (or any other habit you want to modify), the first thing to do is to question the question itself. It makes sense to the question?. Just look it reflects an improper about the problem.

No need to ask the question: we must change our views on the matter. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. gathered all the information. There are many justifications that “skip” will give us a good excuse for not quitting. For example it is said that “it is hard to quit because nicotine is addictive.” And it is true that nicotine is addictive. But it is absolutely inappropriate to assume this feature as the explanation “valid” the difficulty of quitting (and in general it operates on the amendment of any other human behavior). Arguments were put forward as withdrawal syndrome, physical dependence, psychological, social, etc. But the problem arises of establishing these characteristics as the explanation valid problem. Our decisions always involve choice.

We leave to achieve something for nothing. Everything has what economists called the alternative cost. Quitting smoking involves therefore deprived of certain things to promote the achievement of others.


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