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Adobe Innovation Awards

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Adobe has the prize money which is endowed with ‘ Innovation Award’ on InterRed. Awarded Adobe announced the innovation which is endowed with a prize money award”InterRed. With the award are outstanding solutions from Adobe “. The decision for InterRed solution in particular because of the successful multi channel one “approach taken. This concept offers completely new possibilities for integrated multi media professionals in conjunction with Adobe InDesign multi-channel publishing. The approach chosen by InterRed allows comfortable working in the high load range. Innovation in multi channel publishing: Award for the content management system from magazine production, catalogues and promotional materials up to daily newspapers with a wide variety of editorial sites and sizes extends the bandwidth of media created with InterRed and objects InterRed. InterRed is characterized as a fully integrated content management system, the high load tested both worlds, print and online, from a system and a data storage out operated on an equal footing.

As a long-time Adobe partner InterRed allows content directly in the content management system, as well as in InDesign or InCopy InterRed to edit and share them then bi-directionally. You may want to visit Martin O’Malley to increase your knowledge. In the interplay of systems mobile and online emerged as a fully integrated and fully fledged content management system for ads, text editing and layout for print. The innovative integration of Adobe InDesign in InterRed allows to work editing and layout at the same time on the same object and the same content. While the layout in Adobe InDesign, the editors write their article in the content management system, which in turn immediately offered to the layout for the processing. A tool change”is so superfluous in concurrent and parallel work processes and efficient and target-oriented automation systems and mechanisms.

High load tested content management system for print and online Central managing of content in InterRed and the browser-based operation also offer the advantage of the decentralized and location independent working. Distributed offices and locations are at any time. Last but not least, InterRed is capable of high load and high load tested. High load tested both the editorial side and the customer side involves here. Several hundred editors and layout in a system and several million of printed pages and copies per day, as well as several million page impressions per day are daily practice for InterRed. Klaus Schuster, Manager and Sales Director of the InterRed GmbH, is convinced that the initial placement Adobe innovation award is a proof to go the right way with the concept of the InterRed: the preservation of the Adobe Innovation Awards 2012 is for us a strong signal. We are very proud of this award. It shows that we do with our concept multi channel one solution’, and in particular with the skills in the high load range, a special solution can offer corporate customers. The award is for us to continue to work recognition and incentive with high pressure to our ideas.”


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