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For in such a way, it is used of its work, transforms the nature, it coexists in society. ' ' The Young education of Adult always must be a multicultural education, an education that develops the knowledge and the integration in the cultural diversity, an education for the mutual understanding, against the exclusion for reason of race, sex, culture or other forms of discrimination and, for this, the educator must half know well the proper one of educating, therefore knowing adult the reality of this young it only is that it will have an education of qualidade' '. (GADOTTI, 1979). Another excellent aspect is the paper of the educator who must consider the proper reality of the educandos, searching to bring the proper ones inside lives deeply of the EJA pupils pra of classroom, so that together they can construct a diversified knowledge, rich and multicultural. In this way, the educator will obtain to promote the motivation necessary to the learning of the pupil, thus despertando in them the interest and the enthusiasm, opening to them a bigger field to reach the knowledge. Today what if it perceives is that the young and the adults want to see the application immediate of what they are learning e, at the same time, need to be stimulated to rescue its auto-esteem.

This young adult, generally, is so capable as a child, only demanding more adequate and efficient technique and methodologies for this type of modality. ' ' That the education is the process through which the individual takes history in its proper hands, in order to change the route of the same one. How? Believing educating, its capacity to learn, to discover, to create solutions, to defy, to face, to defy, to face, to consider, to choose and to assume the sequences of its choice. But this will not be possible to be continued bitolando the educandos with daily pay-formulated drawings, with texts created by another one for copy …


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