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R.D. Julian Simn, patient yesterday, are the last victim of the reckless pilotage. This type of action comes being habitual in the circuits. Why the sanctions are not exemplary if it is in game the health of a pilot? Julian Simn was operated east Monday in Madrid of the multiple fracture in the tibia and peron of his right leg after the brutal fall that the past underwent Sunday in the Great Prize of Catalonia de Motociclismo product of the maneuver of the Turk Kenan Sofuoglu, who tried an impossible advancement. The impetus of Sofuoglu, that not yet has been sanctioned, is going to him to cost to Simn to practically say goodbye to the season of Moto2. ” To Sofuoglu it was to him the clamp. has been loaded to Julito.

There it was not possible never to be happened, never in the life. What tried was imposible” , it commented in Wave Zero Aleix Espargar, third party in that same race. Very slight sanctions In 125cc also it happened another serious episode in Montmel. The Zarco French threw to Nico Terol of the track in the last straight line and it finished first. The direction of the race only penalized to the French with 20 seconds. Unfortunately, this type of action comes lately being habitual in the circuits, perhaps by the pressure which some pilots are put under, to which demands results to them to renew seat. The Italian Simoncelli Frame is the indicated pilot, and the culprit more of which Dani Pedrosa follows of loss after the fall that caused to him in Le Mans, of where the Catalan left with fracture in its right collarbone.

The action only cost to Simoncelli ‘ to him; ride through’ (passage by boxes). ” It has been sent on me loosen the brakes. I have not been able to do nothing. I go away with the collarbone broken and he with a penalty ride through done well! ” , then Pedrosa said. His mnager, Alberto Puig, he was more forceful: ” I hope that the security commission does something because it is not the first time. He already noticed himself to him in Estoril, Lorenzo also spoke with him and seems that he does not make case to nadie”. But, why sanctions are not exemplary when it is in game the health of a pilot? What measures would have to adopt the race direction? ” We eat ” on the inside; ” This cannot continue thus. We eat on the inside. We felt impotent ” , Aspar assured Jorge Martinez, proprietor of Aspar Team, the equipment of Simn. ” The race direction would have to reunite to the pilots every Friday and to say to them what it is possible to be done and what no” , it reflected. ” It has to much more take serious measures in 125cc and Moto2, that is when the pilots are creciendo” , it concluded.


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