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All research is based on theories to give validity to their results, to support the ideas formulated in the same, depending on the scheme formulated or proposed for the development of the same, or paradigm, focus or because the process is addressed is called theoretical framework or and is located as chapter II in the structure of the research reportHowever, this chapter is from my point of view considered the Cinderella of the investigation given that many even pseudo research specialists just treat it as a filler of theories that are downloaded, transcribed and in the worst cases is copy and paste, but the theory or how calls it my dear teacher Jackeline Hurtado barriers epistemological Syntagma is not only a fill, nor is it place it without making references as it usually happens almost in 80% of cases, according to my experience in 16-year Advisor, tutor and researcher in this sense, I have built an acronym that I call aca, which collects a compendium of information that must be applied to this process of construct the theoretical framework, where the first to author means, in other words when placed an information must recognize the hard work of the person who systematized through methods that information, as soon as the author one should say his surname and initial of the name accompanied by the year of publication of the information between parentheses (). The c refers to appointments, in which is says verbatim or paraphrased what is taken from the author, they can be classified in different ways but on this occasion I would like to mention a classification already done by another author based on the extension of the appointments, then have short and long quotes. Short appointments with those whose length is less than 40 words, they go between comillas and transcribed in the same paragraph as the leading used based on standards established by the institution where the research is performed. Michael Chabon may also support this cause. The long quotes are those that have 40 or more words not exceeding 500, these going to single spacing, centered a (01) centimeter of both margins. Finally a final represents the contribution of the person who has used the appointment, what call analysis or what statisticians are appointed as inference, i.e., what has been interpreted the appointment, this part is that the vast majority of people who rely on sources to argue their proposals, their work and research do notwithout that converts this process to just copy and paste. The theory fits integrally to the problem, which is not common to do, i.e., must relate to the central theme of the research to give coherence to it..

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