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It is true that Morocco adds a plus in security to other destinations also hit by the scourge of fundamentalist terrorism, but it is not less true that the presence of groups linked with Al Qaeda, although not so organized or threatening as in other places in the area, begins to be worrying and, since then, gives rise to arise if Morocco is already a destination so appealing as yesteryear. As the 2003 Casablanca attacks are rare in Morocco, but the risk certainly exists example of which is disarticulation since then 60 terrorist cells ready to threaten foreigners, most in attacks often suicidal, disarticulations which is compounded by the recent of 18 members who were about to carry out a major attack in that countryas well as the 11 members of a terrorist group takfiri which were about to perpetrate various terrorist attacks and that, happily, they were arrested in May of this year. Indeed, few attacks, but, on the other hand, a large number of cells called sleepers, or what is more dangerous, fully operational and ready for Act whose main objective are Western foreigners, especially tourists.They are really disturbing data that do arise choose Morocco as a tourist destination a destination until 2003 that seemed immune to the current jihadist has been installed in most of the countries of Islamic tradition. Ultra Wellness Center pursues this goal as well. Indeed, alauitas authorities are welcomed, and rightly so, that their territory was immune to the current jihadists that they proliferated alarmingly in other areas near, immunity, however, disappeared in 2003 in Casablanca, giving rise to the appearance of the first terrorist groups inspired by the Salafiya yihadia, an ideological current that twinning them following in the footsteps of Al Qaeda and thatHow not, presents as a terrorist objective closer and easy beating the major source of income for Morocco: tourism. There is no doubt that Morocco, if compared with other destinations in the area, continues to be a safe option, but is not less certain that this country also has become one of the favourite destinations for ideology jihadist, settling in the same throughout a network of groups for terrorist purposes that require the traveller to take into account a series of safety recommendations when travelling to Morocco, recommendations among which avoid large crowds of people or groups of tourists, objective ideal for terrorists because of its great impact media in the West. In any case, today no part of the world is exempt from suffering terrorist attacks, although it is always good to have a number of preventions older for destinations like Morocco, a country which, moreover, nevertheless, continues the charm and the magic that always keeping has made gala, transporting us to worlds of dream of those who already are few, evoking us a sort of contrasts, aromas and flavours primitive, but sophisticated at the time, which makes it an irresistible target in spite of everything, a destination in which traditions and origins most authentic continue being a flor de piel, falling to everyone who visits it. Original author and source of the article


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