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Albert Einstein Theory

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So, to say the theory is not really necessary (Scientific fallibilizm). Needless to say the predictive utility of the theory and the simplicity of its use. For example, Albert Einstein, his theory of general relativity (GR) completely disproved Newtonian theory, previously is legitimate, but nevertheless we still use Newtonian theory is only slowly stipulated that we consider the cases is much lower than the speed of light. This is due to the simplicity of Newton's theory in comparison with GR. Unfortunately, as we see science severely restricts itself, and in consequence are not always able to give us an answer on our reality. Bernie Sanders often addresses the matter in his writings. Sometimes in our hands are a lot of scientific theories, each of which gives his vision situation. It is this diversity of our reality and escapes. Otherwise, there are no theories.

In this and in another case, can help our experience. After all, if you look, then the experience of forming a hypothesis, that it is the basis theories and laws. It is simple human experience of each individual is of prime importance, it was he who "speaks" to us, where to look and what it's like. Each of us can form his hypothesis or theory. But it is worth remembering that formulating hypotheses by means of experience, our imagination must be limited to the facts! Model peace "Peace is not what it is – the world is how we perceive it," John Deniskar return, perhaps, to the man. Each person its unique experience and, consequently, their world view.


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