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The first came with us to fight himself Edson Diniz! Against him came Alexander and immediately took the initiative in their hands, a minute later Edson, turned his back on the mat, and after another thirty seconds, Alexander had pain in her leg (Achilles). Cindy Blackman is the source for more interesting facts. Master was defeated! Next was his pupil too well-known master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Vincent Werner (USA Champion Jiu-Jitsu). Immediately it was clear that he came to avenge the teacher! Against him came Paul! Started a fight, which ended with the same result. Jiu-Gist defeated! Technique Sambo has shown in practice to be superior! We are very pleased that they are worthy to accept defeat and after the seminar said that their school is always open to and invited us to further cooperation! Now all the cards were in our hands – the news of the victory soon reached the American Top Team, and the next seminar came all the groups! Sambo – “self-defense without weapons”. Kind of combative sports, and as a complex system of self-defense developed in the ussr in the synthesis of several national martial arts and, in particular judo. It is a type of combat in clothes. The official date of birth of this species Sport is considered to be November 16, 1938, when the Order was issued by the All-Union Committee for Physical Education and Sport at snk 633 “On the development of combat freestyle” (a freestyle wrestling “was the original name Sports, later renamed the “Sambo”). Since 1972, international competitions are held to combat Sambo.

Sambo wrestlers train in more than 70 countries. Sambo is divided into two categories: sports and combat Sambo: Sports Sambo – wrestling with a large arsenal of painful methods, as well as shots used in the rack and on the ground. Combat Sambo – Combative, created in the 30-ies in the ussr for training members of the uniformed services. Then, Combat Sambo is not considered sport discipline and is forbidden to training civilians. Only the 1991 Combat Sambo was “declassified” and became a separate sport (in 1994 took place in Moscow the first championship of Russia in Combat Sambo).


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