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Ana Carolina Escosteguy

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The culture he is always in changes same inheriting the culture of the parents, the children leave to lose a little of the culture passed for its ancestor. We cite as example, the junina party that happened in the last generations being that she was had as a custom or tradition to make a fogueira in the night of day 24 of June, and who had faith passed with the bare-footed feet on of lighted live coals and it was not burnt. It was a traditional party, however nowadays are few the peoples who festejam with fogueiras, wine, quento in the night of are Joo. In such a way, as previously cited, these customs had been and are being left of side for the new generations, and with this transistion of knowledge of a generation for another one very it was lost. At novelist you will find additional information. It verified that today she is being lost these so pretty traditions and sights as a landmark in the history and the evolution of the culture. It is perceived that in our days, it has a great disinterest on the part of the young, in cultivating these traditions, that is, this cultural set.

One perceives that the parents already do not obtain to make with that the children keep its alive culture. With as much technology and acceleration of the media, the medias in great majority are gaining more time of the young of what the proper parents. For elaboration of this work interviews with people between 18 and 70 years of age had been carried through, where if it can evidence a great imperfection on the part of both the generations with respect to cultural loss. Having this necessity of exchange to know between the peoples, we detach the text of Ana Carolina Escosteguy, where it makes use of studies to show that these cultural customs, aspects, really must be followed, therefore, the culture lives deeply is it of the individual in the society, its customs where through it she can be conserved many to know and experiences lived for its individuals.


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