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If grammar is defined as the way in which words are organized into oral and written language to accurately convey to people thoughts, ideas and meaning, students are more likely to crave to explore it than think that they are suffering under the yoke of cabbage professors, who themselves could not talk or communicate. Grammar – is something in which people need to understand and be understood – and that's all. Grammar past never understood that such a word, and they were unable to determine the most basic element of their subject matter. They also failed to note the fact – and make it the focus – that language consists of words that often have multiple meanings and may be used in several different ways. Without an understanding of the language and grammar may seem very confusing.

These and many other mistakes have made the subject difficult to learn and use. The aim of this book – make a person able to use and build words and speech so that he could submit their concepts and meaning with clarity and precision, and so that he could understand the meaning and concepts of others. It's all about grammar. "And that's all becomes the field. This is a very practical thing and learn it is no more difficult than building kit! When all the observations were collected by L. Ron Hubbard on how should teach languages in addition to this description of grammar – was created a course of teaching English, known as the Center for Applied Education English as a Second language (ESL).


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