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Arrangement Fees For Insurance

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Commission for brokers an insurance is not always the easiest tasks and many customers sink quickly end in a not endless chaos of forms, paper and co. This one quickly loses the overview and looks over some small clause with extra costs. To protect users from ultimately unpleasant surprises, the online portal provides important tips to the conclusion of the contract and how consumers can protect themselves Commission from the classical Kostenfall news.de. In principle must clearly be since 2008 in the context of amending the Insurance Act for the insurance, the arrangement fees will amount to which amount. However, the agent Commission can cost a lot of money and as a nasty surprise turn this, if she looks over the applicant at the signing of the Treaty. Especially in life insurance and pension products involves larger sums that may correspond to one or even two year contributions. Thus, the insurer will pay effectively just a second or third year in his own retirement pot.

The highest Commission calculates the private insurer ARAG with whole 7.92 percent. Generally vary such payments between 0.28 and 7.92 percent. The accumulated pay customers to the respective representatives of an insurance company or an insurance broker. Currently discusses several suggestions on this topic. One way is to distribute the arrangement fees for the entire service life. Thus, steadily lower costs charged to the client and targeted a long term of the contract. Because many people prematurely terminate their life insurance, otherwise suddenly confronted with exorbitant amounts.

Often, the expected payout amount is then much lower than expected after deduction of all costs. More information:… Cost trap Commission Commission for life insurance companies provider Commission Europe 0.28% CosmosDirekt 0.53% Hanoverian life 0.60% ASSTEL 1.57% HUK-Coburg 1.61% DEVK General AG 1.94% TARGO (formerly CiV) 1.98% provincial Hanover 2.14% WWK 2.42% the Continentale 2.45% ALTE LEIPZIGER 2.59% LVM 2.66% PBV (previously, BHW) 2.74% DEVK a.G. 2.75% provincial Rhineland 2.76% Debeka 2.79% new life 2.81% Lebensversicherung von 1871 2.90% R + V of Nuremberg 2.93% 2.94% people good Federal 3.09% DBV 3.13% ERGO direct (formerly KarstadtQuelle) 3.16% savings insurance Saxony 3.18% average industry 3.30% provincial Northwest 3.48% GENERALI 3.77% SV SparkasseVersicherung 3.84% Swiss life 3.94% Heidelberg 3.96% AXA of Stuttgart 3.97% 4.00% AachenMunchener of 4.02% Bavarian officials (BBV) 4.05% Delta Lloyd (formerly Berlinische) 4.05% Victoria (now ERGO) 4.11% 4.21% Wurttemberg Bavaria insurance 4.27% HDI-Gerling 4.59% Gothaer 4.62% Alliance 4.71% SIGNAL IDUNA 5.04% Zurich Deutscher Herold 5.05% German doctor insurance 5.54% Aspecta of 6.10% German ring 6.18% VPV 6.22% Hamburg-Mannheimer (now ERGO) 6.45% Condor 6.72% Skandia 7.10% ARAG 7.92% stating of the acquisition costs as a percentage of the sum of insured of new business in the average for the years 2004 to 2008. The table is taken from the book of private pensions and life insurance of the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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