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In other cases, the tax facility defines centrally about the place of business management”: either moved the client or a representative – habitually resident in the country of domicile of the company and acts as a Director of the company on or indicating such as German Director that he is habitually resident within the framework of the management tasks required in the country of domicile of the subsidiary, to perform these tasks on the permanent establishment abroad (works of course not in necessary day decisions”) or the client, represents a Our cooperation law firm represents a trust or staff Director in the country of domicile of the company based in the country of domicile as a Director of the company on or. Nominee director: A lawyer in the country of domicile of the company is treuhanderisch-so on the outside “-as a Director of the company on notary deed between trustor and trustee.” Associate Director: A person with habitual residence in the State draws an employees contract with society, with normal/comparable content, removal of wage tax and social security benefits. “” When using a trust Director fundamental differences between a nominee director, a nominee director who is not business “or a nominee director, which is business and draws such as contracts for the company”. The right design can be decisive in terms of tax legislation of the illegal interim company and/or of design abuse. Facility features “Ordinary business”: The ordinary business in terms of: A pure registered office is no ordinary headquarters (suspected the letter box company”). In many cases, a virtual office for one is Business Center in the country of domicile of the subsidiary sufficient (own phone number, personal call answering, fax, undeliverable postal address for registered mail, mail forwarding, the possibility of the temporary rental of fully equipped office and/or conference rooms). Formally, the necessary design of its headquarters abroad of comparability depends on “: comparable to E.g. .


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