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Audiovisual Education

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EDUCATION AUDIOVISUAL AND RESUME: Reflections on the audiovisual formation of the educator. Positive and negative aspects will be had and to argue possible magnifyings and corrections of this formation. Altina Magalhes Coast In: 10/12/2011 Although all decurrent revolution of the scientific, technological advance and of the globalization that facilitated to the access of the miditicos utensils the almost all the sectors of the society. Although the majority of the Brazilian schools already to possess some technological instruments, perceives that the use of the same ones in the pertaining to school scope not yet is seen with good eyes for some professionals of the education. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit John Mclaughlin. Valley to stand out that this happens because we were prepared on the basis of traditionalistic education professionally, where took advantage the book and the rhetoric of the professor, this age who withheld the knowledge and the power to decide as to teach and almost always it followed the ditames of the dominant elite and thus the didactic book was prioritized, material printed matter and the verbal exposition. One knows that the radio and the television are two well old audiovisuais technological resources, however, the same ones were not seen by the traditional school as didactic tool, but as entertainment instrument. It only has little time is that the school started to review its concepts, its social function inside of the society of the communication and of the information and thus it started to use these audiovisuais resources, however the use of the same ones still happens of shy form, therefore many professionals not yet feel themselves to the will to use these resources in its to make pedagogical daily, time or another one, to one or another uses them professional. However one knows that so that this use happens of efficient form, one becomes necessary that the educators are prepared to make the insertion of the same ones in its projects.


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