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In addition to the type of Visual impairment also criteria such as wearing time, applications, material, or stress the glasses in the selection are critical. I want to find out exactly what glasses best meet the needs of the customers. Here the glasses glass portfolio and the individual technologies from ZEISS by the simple single-strength glass offer all possibilities to meet these demands me down to the individual lens.” (ZEISS optometrist of Tobias FARA, FARA AugenOptik, Pforzheim) What are the differences of spectacle lenses? What type of material is suitable for me the best mineral or plastic? III. individual glasses individual glasses are adapted to the carrier and its needs. These can be for Some see distances (E.g. look at work on the desk) or Sehsituationen (for example see in the twilight and at night) are optimized.

Using individual glasses, we are able to implement the eye values obtained previously with the highest precision in the glasses. “The glasses produced this way are precisely adapted to the customer needs like a tailored suit on the personal body mass.” (ZEISS optometrist Jurgen Jainta, optician contactor, Pforzheim) What do individual glasses on my power and my visual comfort? Sufficient glasses for all my watch needs? There are sensible additions? IV. eyeglass coatings coatings offer the possibility to match glasses on the personal lifestyle and to make them more resistant glasses should be wearing habits and demands of the wearer. So, it may be advisable for a full-time carrier that his glasses not only from light Plastic and extra are thin, but also a good anti-reflective coating, a hardening to protect against scratches or an antistatic layer against dust particles exhibit.” (ZEISS optometrist of Tobias FARA, FARA AugenOptik, Pforzheim) What lens coatings increase the comfort of my appearance?


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