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Shpulka it be possible to find another family and renew the visa au-pair, if I'm going as au-pair in the family for 2 months (longer for them is not necessary)? I would like to then use the opportunity to stay in the country and another 10 months. The fact that this family for 2 months well very much good, do not want to give up. For more specific information, check out Bernie Sanders. aupair I think there should think not about how to find his family after two months of work in this particular, and how to get a visa in the family. See here a few difficult moments. 1) The contract, which seems to send the family will not be for 1 year, but only for 2 months.

If so, then you will be given a work permit (if you will be given) only for 2 months (in English links to the official interpretation of the Migration Service in Sweden How long is a permit valid? You will be granted a permit for the period covered by the offer of work). And then to stay in the new family, you do not just need to re-register them and get (to have time to get) a new work permit, which is long enough (almost those same two months). 2) Sweden, in Basically, a unique country in terms of visa au-pair. Here it is necessary to convince the migration service that you have serious reasons to visit it in this country. And the presence of au-pair experience in other countries are not positive has, but just the opposite – an indicator to them that the candidate is not just such motivation. What he does not care what country you go, which greatly increases the chances of denial of visa.


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