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Baking Gingerbread

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Baking gingerbread originated from ancient times. In the XVII century gingerbread submitted to the king's table. The famous German traveler who visited Adam Oleary in Russia in 1633, wrote in his diary '… amused by hunting, treated us to the king, carrots, grapes and Astrakhan cherry jam. " The word 'cake' comes from the Russian 'spice'. These treats were made from sweet dough with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and other exotic spices, delivered with great difficulty from distant countries. On the gingerbread has been associated a lot of ancient customs and beliefs. They were presented in connection with the festive events, a sign of respect and merit.

In these cases, they were pretty large – in the order of the one who gave. So, stick to the royal family weighed several pounds and was delivered to destination on two sledges. Without these sweet products are not held in Russia, no one event – either funny or sad. Cake gave the bride at the wedding feast at the end of his pieces were distributed among the guests, it oznayaalo it was time to go home. The day after the wedding, the newlyweds took a different cake, specially baked for the occasion, and went home to their parents young, there to put money and gifts. Treating carrot and ended a sad ritual of commemoration.

Also attributed healing properties of carrots, they were treated. In these cases, they represented the magical signs or initials the names of saints. The most favorite treat was a joy and cakes for the children.


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