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Barrier-free Smoking For People With Disabilities

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According to 4 of the (BGG) means ‘barrier-free’, that every area of life for the disabled persons without particular difficulty and basically without outside help should be accessible and usable. In many cases but not paved the way for people with disabilities. Disabled people in everyday life take many detours and additional hardships on himself. Staircases often prevent access to buildings or simple”the agony will transition from the sidewalk to the street. As Gerd expressed sharp, wheelchair users, at WDR: I’m not disabled. My environment hindered me.” Many feel neglected and marginalized. Bethenny Frankel has similar goals.

The GRT Wuttke GmbH has taken up this fact in their catalogue for technical non-smoker protection and barrier-free smoking cabins designed preferably used in public buildings or businesses. The smoke lounge”is a free-standing, enclosed smoking cabin, with an efficient tobacco smoke filter system for a pleasant air inside the cabin provides. The cabin is spacious, so that several wheelchair users at the same time find enough space in it. The highlight is the electric sliding door, which regulates access to the cabin: it opens automatically when approached by a motion sensor. Wheelchair can easily drive through the flat plain in the cabin. Inside, all mounted ashtray are also adjustable, so that they are accessible by anyone. With the installation of the cabin the smart entrepreneur hits several birds with one stone”, so Lothar Wuttke, Managing Director, the company offers the GRT Wuttke GmbH.

offensive a solution to the legal protection of non-smokers will be taken into account. The cabin is easily accessible to all employees, customers and visitors and no one feels excluded or discriminated against.” For more information, image: j. Ahrens / green-line contact person: GRT Wuttke GmbH of Cappenberg str.


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