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Islam lessons in the model test with good results equal of the understanding: religious education promotes the integration of people Berlin/Offenburg./9. March 2009 – Germany is a good example for the integration of people with other beliefs, about the Muslim faith since a short time with a pilot to the integration of people of Muslim faith. The experiment shows about one and a half years after the introduction of the teaching of Islam in schools in Germany initial good results. On Monday, Minister of the Interior Dr. Wolfgang Schauble attended an Islamic religious education hour at the Georg-Sina-Schule in Offenburg, Germany. People from Germany and people from Turkey, the Kosvo, the Lebanon from Palastina, Algeria, Morocco and the Iraq can learn in model experiments also on reciprocity of one another about the different faith beliefs may be. May be even fears of the unknown of another faith and other faiths. Companion effect of the trial after the latest Findings: The Sozalverhalten of pupils who learn more about their religion and culture will be improved considerably.

This was announced by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin on Monday in a press release. At the Basic, main and school in the Centre of the city, Islamic religious education in the framework of the thorny is granted after Sunni denomination. Since the beginning of the school year 2006/07, commitment-linked Islamic religious education for Muslim students from classes 1 and 2 is offered in twelve locations in Baden-Wurttemberg. Islamic religious education is a four-year applied model test first. The lessons from teachers of Muslim faith in German language. A total 50 students from classes 1 to 4 take part.

Teacher is the Turkish Muslim Gullu ozugenc. The wife and the teacher teaches each a group in each vintage, mainly students of Sunni denomination, but also some Alevis. The children come from Turkey, Kosovo, the Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco and the Iraq. Topic of today’s lesson is the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, which is according to Islamic calendar year 2009 on March 8. Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble said: with a commitment-based Islamic religious instruction, we make an important step towards integration. The students get to know their religion, and I hear from teachers that the confrontation with the own religious values and cultural roots has significant positive effects on the social behavior of the students. The religious diversity in the school also not only there is an enrich, but will strengthen also the social cohesion of our country.” The lessons at the Georg Sina school is only a positive example, which supported the recommendation of the German Islam Conference from the 3rd plenary session of March 2008 to the introduction of Islamic religious education under State control. Andreas Klamm


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