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Before Christian Maass

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The vehicle is during the term of the loan agreement also assures, and kept in a specially secured, covered Hall. After about three months it will be raised, again against repayment of the loan and pay interest and fees,”. The borrower remains the owner during the term of the mortgage loan agreement. He is not personally liable, but it shall be liable exclusively the pledge with its value. Are still not sufficient funds on the expiry of the contract the pledge again to trigger the contract may also be extended. The release of the pledge is entirely the seized goods is released after a statutory period of four weeks before the auction.

Before Christian Maass start his company could, had to some, officially required prerequisites be met or demonstrated, because a pawn shop may not be operated by anyone. “Similar as for brokers is at the instigation of an Almshouse requires business – who want to practise it, must meet certain requirements of the legislator and be company strictly according to the requirements of the regulation on the business operations of the commercial pawnbroker” (pawnbroker regulation v. 01.02.1961). There are regulated the conditions that may require a pawn shop, including clear. Although we are only for a short time on the market, the response to our offer is surprisingly large. Already on the second day, after the website online, I received a phone call at lunch, I may come but please in the company, where an interested borrower waited. Even if the current financial crisis was triggered the implementation of my business idea”, Maass looking optimistically to the future,”it will be quite sure even then sufficient need for easily and discreetly to get funds. Finally, the Chinese character for the word crisis has “(?)” (Weiji)) two meanings: Danger and opportunity “.” Christian Maass, Dipl.-Volkswirt (GB)


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