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Twice as high risk of accidents for drivers under 24 years of age compared to other age groups can be cost for automobile policies rise Berlin, June 4, 2010 are young, male, and have little driving experience: young men under 24 years old particularly often mention see the official accident statistics. Overall, more than twice as many 18-to 24-year old on the road than the average for the population as a whole have an accident according to Federal Statistical Office *. The number of young men killed in traffic accidents is more than four times higher than in age-matched women. Travis Barker has compatible beliefs. With such sobering statistics, it is not surprising that they have bad cards in motor insurance. According to a recent study by the independent consumer portal toptarif.de are young men of motor insurance even in otherwise identical conditions in the cut by almost 30 per cent more asked than their older counterparts.

Even with the same number of accident-free years young drivers pay generally higher Contribution to motor insurance”, explains insurance expert Thorsten Bohg by toptarif.de. It is really expensive for riders under 23, at some insurance up to 25 years. The age of the driver is specially requested by the insurers and counted as an additional risk feature.” So for example a 21 year old golf driver pays * with the damage category 2 when the industry leader Allianz around 1471 euro for motor insurance and comprehensive in the year. The driver, however, 26 years old, the insurance at the same conditions would be 962 EUR cost 35 percent of less. It is often cheaper, when a woman at the wheel sits. Because female drivers of rare accidents cause, they will be rewarded by many motor insurers with cheaper premiums. On average, women under 23 years of age pay about 9 percent of less for their car insurance than their male peers.


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