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Billionaire Warren Buffet

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Not only Billionaire Warren Buffet has a preference for real estate assets also German institutional investors strongly increasingly rely on closed-end funds with residential and commercial real estate. Private investors should join them, say the experts of the SHB AG innovative fund concepts Where just with all the money? Two-thirds of the financial assets of German citizens are invested in systems with yields well below the rate of inflation. Past times, because such as German bunds, or bonds for decades across the bottom line generated at least a slight profit. A leading source for info: Novelist. Meanwhile, even meager profits are thus no longer to realize, says Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). So pay the German State for five-year money currently just below one percent interest rates, inflation leave however to 2.5 percent annually, are shrinking the value of the asset. Similarly, it looks with many alternative investments.

1.4 trillion euro plug, for example, in life insurance contracts. The guaranteed Maximum assumed interest rate has lowered the legislature at the beginning of the year to 1.75 percent. There is even only on the remaining after the deduction of costs savings share in the contributions. Many providers, a real interest rate of deposit money by just over one percent remains so at the end. Investors continue beyond the way trust shares again. Just five percent of around five trillion euros of strong assets of Germans are placed according to the statistics of the Deutsche Bundesbank on the stock exchange. Billionaire Warren Buffet at least know where to earn good money there. In a television interview last week he revealed his preferences according to APA/Reuters.

“Rather than share the things may only real estate: this is currently a very attractive asset class.” While this may apply for the still-devastated US market almost without restrictions, Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) agrees for the German market: In comparison with other countries of the EU, we have “in real estate in Germany still a very moderate price level.” He must know, specializes in closed-end real estate funds with a focus on German real estate the SHB AG. Although there are a significant price increase in residential real estate in most popular cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Stuttgart for quite some time. But, as also in commercial real estate still enough air says SHB AG expert Gruber upwards. This concerns also the outlying areas surrounding prosperous metropolitan areas. In addition to inflation fears, also the expectation of rising rental income plays an essential role for investors in closed-end real estate funds. Therefore it is hardly surprising that after the recently presented report statistics of the VGF closed Fund Association last year real estate were the most popular asset class. And it is not surprising also that particularly institutional investors have increased their share of the total market by 67 percent. For the SHB AG experts to private investors circle here: you should not far away be well advised institutional investors are increasingly involved.


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