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Birth Relations

Along with the birth of the possibility of accumulation of separate families of different values born predatory war. Therefore, together with the expansion of tribal societies to organize and reflect territorial forays are formed (neighborhood) community. The form of the power of these communities – military democracy, led by military leader, who was primarily interested in large accumulation of separate families of values, and therefore advocated the appropriate relationship that ultimately led to the birth inequality of wealth, slave or wage labor and private ownership of means of production. Society split into classes. Born class forms of exploitation. New relations of production can born and evolve differently as soon as his new dialectical form – the new government, which is usually at the beginning can not be given as soon as the power in the form of informal authority of the revolutionary leaders. These leaders, promoting new relations of production and criticizing the old, revolutionizing social consciousness and organize the revolutionary struggle for the change of industrial relations.

"The worst architect from the best bees from the outset is characterized in that before you build a cell made of wax, he had already built it in his head "(5). That was the sequence is organized by the construction of everything that is built into human society, including construction of new relations of production. Individual's activity – which aims to meet its needs – organized by his consciousness, which initially comes an image of this activity. The activities of different groups of individuals – which is designed to meet their needs – organized social consciousness of a group of individuals, where the first image that comes in the form of certain ideas and theories born to single individuals, and then introduced into the public consciousness of this group.

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