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Color banner – why it's black – is a key reason for the dispute. Scientists agree that if the cause of his black, it will be possible to find answers to other questions. Professor Richard Alliher (Holland): "… originally the banner, of course, was not black. As is usual with a banner, it contained some information, for example, 'abcdef etc'. But as its "content" will be written only after 200 years, then, as it passes through the banner time, the information disappears. After all, now its the same yet, simply put, it is not written yet … 'does not agree with Dr.

Boris Simonov, offering a simple explanation: "… probably black banner due to the fact that with the passage through time, there is a shift of all phases of the color spectrum of the original banner to white (if you combine all of the spectra, as is known, it will turn white). After that happens 'backlash' – And white is black …. " At the beginning of our publications, I said that there is a mystical version of the explanation of black, but to enumerate all the speculation and so-called evidence (most of which are mildly speaking, not scientific), then it would take a separate article, and perhaps even a number of publications.


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