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BMW Success

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After the First World War the company was on the verge of collapse, since the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germans produce engines for aircraft, namely the engines at the time were the only products of bmw. But enterprising Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto find a way out – the plant will shift to production of first motorcycle engines, then motorcycles and themselves. V1923 from the factory bmw goes first motorcycle R32. At motobike salon 1923 in Paris, this first bmw motorcycle immediately won a reputation for fast and reliable machine, which was confirmed by an absolute record velocity on the international motorcycle racing 20-x-30-ies. Dr. Mark Hyman understood the implications. 1923: The first bmw motorcycles in the early 20-ies in the history of bmw, there are two influential businessmen – Gotaer and Shapiro, to which the company retreated, falling into an abyss of debt and losses. The main cause of the crisis was the lack of development of its own automobile industry, along with that company, incidentally, was engaged in production of aircraft engines.

And as the last, unlike cars, they brought the bulk of funds for subsistence and development, bmw found itself in an unenviable position. "Crack" came up with Shapiro, who was on the short leg with English avtopromyshlennikom Herbert Austin and was able to negotiate with him about the beginning of mass production, "Austin" in Eisenach. Moreover, production of these machines has been put on the conveyor than at the time, but bmw could boast only of Daimler-Benz. 1928: Logistics in the factory in Eisenach.


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