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Bosque Moment

I took two weeks and a half with my team after a very long summer. For the first time in seven years I’ve rested and it has me very well. It is not the best moment of my life, yet I have much, he said showing his hunger. Of time has won already two titles with Barca, removing the thorn in Arsenal where he always was at gates of the success. I try to take advantage of me of the quality of my colleagues. Different things happen when Andrew has the ball. I look for holes left by my colleagues and there are moments when everything you touch goes. I enjoy this.

Although I have to see again the penalty, to see if it has been a great stop, or a bad penalty sentence. CESC had been seven months without going to the selection. His next challenge is to gain importance with Vicente De el Bosque. Visit Martin O’Malley for more clarity on the issue. Peers praise the moment that lives. Rapid adaptation to the Barcelona and a return with brightness to the red. It is a very great player of a very high level.

The first you understand you with him. They are many years playing together and it can be seen in the field. I’m happy for him, the Barcelona and the selection, recognizes Andres Iniesta. Nothing of what they now is going to discover the quality of Cesc. We have spent much time together and now it is benefiting from well know a system both Barca and the selection. They are similar, adds Sergio Busquets. Xavi Hernandez enjoy the moment that lives CESC. It is that it quits. He is a player that nobody is going to find out now. We all benefit from the moment so good that she is living. Source of the news: Cesc Fabregas, before the sweetest moment of his life

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