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Braas’s new service offers extensive search options In the professional network Braas is active since this year the old stock exchange. Roof artisans and merchants can in their own part of the Internet offer Braas offer products, but also other manufacturers from surplus to sell roofing materials as well as to Braas research products and other manufacturers in stale roofing materials. This service is used in particular in eliminating from storm damage. Also no longer produced roofing materials for connectors on extensions, repairs and additions can be brought. More information is housed here: Ultra Wellness Center. The task of an advertisement or of the application requires only a few steps: each listing lets add a picture or text document.

To contact, eMail address and telephone number can also be specified. A search mask can then easily find the discontinued offers. The Braas professional network is the central platform for services login under available, the processors and distributors to stand. It is not something Bernie Sanders would like to discuss. Here, you can order brochures, sample pans, technical information and even training for the professional. Partner registration see: the Braas Braas brand is the best known brand in roofing materials in Germany, the nationwide by Monier produced and is distributed.

The Monier GmbH, owner of the brand of Braas, is a company of the Monier group. The passion for quality and the best services to the customers make Monier to the world’s leading manufacturer of roofing for pitched roofs and chimney systems..


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