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Brick Lane Shoreditch

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If someone has to appreciate the beer, lamb & flag is a must. The bar shunt Vault (joiner Street U London Bridge) is a favorite of the stuff of Meininger Hostel in London. Shunt vaults would be the weirdest bar in London. And it is not easy to find: the Entrance to the bar is done namely via a small door in London Bridge subway station. If you finally find the entrance, they find themselves in an underground tunnel. The tunnel has awful lot niches on each side, where strange noises and voices are heard. It is not recommended to just stand there, because there is a high probability that someone spits you on your feet.

It is worth, dare to. Once you are at the end of the tunnel, turn right and you’ll wonder whether you have not landed with the time machine into the past. About the pubs in the middle ages should look like, with vaulted ceilings and walls made of brockeltem Backsteni, where creeping Ivy grows, with chandeliers and rustic furniture. Taste in music which is employees find questionable. All together arises to a mixture of Wild West Saloon and a freak show. Party in London the party address Cafe de Paris (3-4 Coventry St U Covent Garden) is located in London’s Lecister square. At the Cafe de Paris turns all about shimmering glamour and opulence. The place consists of three separate bars next to the dance floor-the red bar, the blue bar and the imagination room (VIP area).

Club Corsica Studios (elephant road U elephant & Castle) is a designer-two-room Club. Get here to be in the Centre of London the feeling at an illegal party. There is nothing illegal here, but (it is in fact quite hard to find), but if you are looking for the good surfing, then it is a perfect place for you. Here, you will understand what Club music and club history in London and why it is so highly valued. The DJ impressed not only excellent selection, also sound system is flawless and it makes simply Spa, to be. Club 93 Feet East (150 Brick Lane Shoreditch U) is a perfect Club for those who enjoy Electro music. The garden is huge, the mood relaxed and DJs are well aware of your craft. Everything seems here a little timid at the start of the evening, hold out there until the crowd goes home, and the party gets going! Now there are enough space to dance at last for hours! Well have fun in London! Good travel wishes the HostelsClub.com!


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