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Against breakage no reception? Turning to the inappropriate behavior, it should be noted that even at the MBT-2 was observed a considerable number of so-called "Gopnik," who behaved inappropriately way. For example, putting an explosive device above my pants and going to the above, the player with the words "Hello, how are you?" Detonated the device on which you (and he) flew into pieces. And nearby was a his faithful "druzhban" and quickly assembled the loot, escaping to share with his partner, who by that time managed to be reborn anew in the replication centers, or, more often, in "Hell." Although there were structures that tried to clamp down on "Gopnik," for example, AC (Army of the North). But they were ineffective. Whether because of the small number of them, whether on the grounds that the men themselves sometimes became speaker, "Gopnik" (an example that Krit). Although possible reason for this poor organization of this unit on MBT-2. However, against the scrap is welcome.

For example, you drugged and put on a fashionable protective armor that will help you in some time, will increase Your courage, speed and a bit of punching power. You can then either run away from the crime scene, or drink anything else invigorating and brass knuckles to beat both opponents to death. Or in front of the location of recognize the radio environment, in order not to get on the move by the plasma into the eye. Quests In fact it is the same tasks similar to those we had in the previous series of works of Fallout (to kill the leader of the gang, to find something, etc.), but now they longer, sometimes even as a Brotherhood of Steel and more convoluted (as we were promised the developers), with an increased number of unexpected plot turns and junctions do not even within a single mission. .


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