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Building Materials, Soil Compaction: Vibrating Plate: Bindige Floors Measurably Condense

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A new local network for the municipality of Gebsattel was built in the District of Ansbach trench rollers, and Vibro-plates in use at a cost of 1.3 million euros. Construction company was the Pummerlein GmbH, in singing. A medium-sized, family-run company that operates in addition to high construction performance also in sewer construction and builds rainwater holding tanks and sewage treatment plants. Doing the proper compression is an important component in all civil actions. Therefore, the company management pays attention has always been on current trends in technology. Devices of the manufacturer Ammann be compression therefore on many construction sites found during the construction of a new sewage plant. Total about 9500 m3 pipe ditch excavation were carried out”, explains managing director Willy Pummerlein the scope of the project. In addition to 700 m dirt water village channel DN 200 600 m of surface water place channel DN 300 to DN had to 500 and 1900 m sewage pipeline say free mirror line with nominal size DN 200 and 2100 m waste water pressure pipe 90 x 8.2 including a sewage pumping station completed are.” To the visit on the site, also Gerhard Eisen, sales representative of Baker Baumaschinen GmbH and Jurgen Kunzel, area sales manager of Ammann arrived compaction, in village of Roder.

Gerhard Eisen is on the way from the Beutlhauser branch Rednitzhembach since 1989 in terms of Ammann. With these machines achieve not only a very good customer loyalty, but can also offer a number of unique features, which bring real added value to the user. “Take for example the here used heavy plate vibrator AVH 10020, has bought three piece from the Pummerlein recently: the three waves technology offers especially here in sewer construction in heavily on cohesive soils very good running properties and excellent compression results.” Another advantage is for him the facilities with the new Verdichtungsmesssystem AC Eeco, derived from the Ammann Compaction expert ACE “, a nationwide compaction control system. About a well visible light diode scale, the ACEeco indicates the Compacting progress and the compression achievable maximum with this machine. Gerhard Eisen: The operator is involved in the process and can react accordingly to avoid, for example, an excessive compression and unnecessary trips.

: A. important aspect, which helps save time and money in addition to good compression results.” Is the customer willing to pay more money for such technical features? Gerhard Eisen a clear ‘ yes ‘ comes’. Jurgen Kunzel contributes another aspect: all heavy Ammann vibratory plates are now optional to equip with a novel dead man’s handle with sensor handles. The operator touches the handles, hydraulic and pathogens will activate automatically, the machine is ready for use. If the emergency stop button is pressed or if the handle is released, the machine stops already after a few centimeters. Not only in the trench compaction, this system offers additional security.” In addition to the new AVH 10020 still an Ammann Rammax worked in village of Roder under the supervision of polishing Ernst Knoll Compactor SPT 1800 with Dozer blade. Pummerlein has a total of 8 and vibratory plates, some hand-held Ammann Rammax ditch roller as well as manual compressor wheels hydraulic compactor attachments of the manufacturer. More information about the trench roller, see entered by Bruno alert international trading office GmbH Department marketing Nibelungen road 426 64686 Lautern Tel.: + 49 (0) 6254 942702 Web:


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