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The information on the Internet brings also the farmers many benefits of progressive farmer wants to know exactly where there is a cheap tractor or what is written about interesting topics, which could affect him. Workflows have been improved by modern technology and advanced technologies in all areas of agriculture. Why not also for the information about modern agricultural machinery and agriculture? About the progressive farmer farmer agricultural media GmbH has in addition to the established international, fortnightly published trade journal”, established the Internet platform. The farmer can also in the Internet easily and quickly retrieve offers on tractors and agricultural machinery or obtain information about trainings, fairs and auctions. But not only the purchase and sale of second-hand machinery or tractors make up the content of the platform. In addition to the market for appliances, tractors, machinery and real estate are interesting topics and discussion forums such as the peasant spokesman”or Determining agricultural news content parts of the platform. Not want to give the farmer agriculture media GmbH with the information about the used equipment and machinery trade entirely on the support of magazines and has in addition to the trade newspaper of the progressive farmer”, which is a good carrier of information for farmers for 90 years, even a Classifieds-journal for tractors, machinery and equipment of agricultural technology, realities and animals on the market. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darcy Stacom, New York City.

With these two products and the website is catered for an optimum information in the field of agricultural technology and agriculture. With the live doing”one additional option is given on, using video and picture documentation about activities of fairs, report presentations and exhibitions. This type of advertising is well accepted by operators and traders. (Werner Schmidt) Farmer agricultural media GmbH. Hofgasse 5 A-8011 Graz Tel.: 0316/821636-146 fax: 0316/821636-151 e-mail:


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