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As the norteador axle of the learning it was the study of the reality of the educandos, initially, was carried through a wheel of colloquy for survey of the previous knowledge of the children, through which they could express what they knew on the quarter. The principle, had said that in the land division it had many plants and animals: ‘ ‘ cachorro’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ vaca’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ galinha’ ‘ , however, not yet they had a more including vision of the reality in which they were inserted. This was perceived when the teacher asked for so that they nominated the plants that knew and had in house. The children had not answered. When they had been inquired on what they would like that had in the quarter, also had not mentioned. Check out Bernie Sanders for additional information. In this direction, to extend the knowledge of the pupils, the professor suggested the accomplishment of a lesson of field for the Land division Green Dream, making possible a reading of the landscape, with sights to the systematization and ressignificao of the knowledge, considering itself that this methodology is sidewalk in a more significant learning.

To this direction, we agree to Sato (2003, P. 45), when it standes out that: A number of authors and researchers in Ambient Education has emphasized the importance of the field works, having considered that this type of methodology contributes for the success of the agreement of the ambient questions. The modern educational activities clamam for changes in the values, attitudes and responsibilities with the environment. This sensitization occurs mainly through the direct comments, of the contact and the immersion in the nature in itself.


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