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This factor greatly increases the importance of the role of the integrator in the project of building Call Center (ATC). For efficient operation of the company service provider should not only display equipment, and laboratory benches, where experts test new solutions integrator and test their performance, before offering them to clients. Qualified personnel – the key to success of any company. It is therefore necessary to continually invest in their employees. Many suppliers equipment for call centers (ATC) to conduct mandatory certification of specialists they offer solutions and technologies. Experience indicates that the probability of successful implementation project to build a call center (ATC) in the case involving certified professionals is much higher.

Market realities domestic market call centers (ATC) over the past few years undergone significant changes. This is due primarily to the appearance of Western players, with its working principles and increased requirements to the solutions they use in various business sectors. Today companies when choosing a call center (CPC) is initially focused on the interaction of multiple channels, including e-mail and web, as well as the mandatory provision of services to support and further development of the center Call (EAI). More and more companies are now paying attention to preparation of qualified personnel. It should be noted also that the market in general the average number of operators, call center (CPC) has increased from 15-20 (A few years ago) to 60-70 people (today). More and more companies began to reflect on the establishment of geographically distributed sites (sites) Call Center (ATC) and transferring them outside the major cities. Savings from the rental or purchase of premises and recruitment money they can successfully invest in the development of its staff, as well as in technological innovations that can improve the efficiency of the center Call (EAI).

Also, following the Western experience, domestic companies are increasingly preferred solutions from the world's leading call centers (ATC) and are invited to maintain and further support project certified integrators with experience of successful implementations. If we consider the vertical markets, the most active in the banking and telecommunications sectors, where technology centers Call (CPC), the most in demand. By the way, so is the global trend. The most promising areas – insurance companies and representatives of the market FMCG. Following the market trend is much more active companies providing outsourcing services.


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