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Well, surely again be discussed on the Banality of rest in the nature surrounded by a vast number of barbecue and an equally impressive volumes of alcoholic beverages of all kinds of calibers and different degrees of strength are likely to think dear reader. And here is the wrong yours. For this article I would like to dedicate not quite normal for the mother of the fatherland mind rest. To start suggesting the average resident of the city to reflect on the problem spending time at the weekend. No, but it is only natural that some work too zamorennye citizens prefer to spend the weekend in their familiar home environment for us, maybe even sometimes allowing themselves to go with children in the nearby park. Some people probably do believe that there is nothing better than to sit in front of the TV with a bottle of some other strong drinks, if not devote the weekend aimless prolezhivaniyu loins of the body on the couch with a newspaper in his arms. Moreover, not every individual is available suburban hacienda, with at least six unfortunate weave sadovoogorodnogo site.

And what if we try to at least temporarily change their environment to something in an extreme measure? To not go, I can offer you, as it seems to me a rather interesting way of leisure. As one of the options you could try to pass quite a bit of Volokolamsk highway. Dear reader, do not even represent that a piece of paradise is waiting for him in what is five minutes to one hundred kilometers from the capital of our country.

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