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Career Webinars For Women From April 23-27

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Prelude to the women & work, Germany’s largest career event for women to prepare for the women & work, Germany’s largest career event for women, have women from April 23-27, each of 18-19: 00 the opportunity to participate in preparatory webinars to various career and application topics. The participation is free of charge and limited to 100 women per Webinar. We want to prepare optimally women with these virtual lectures on talks with company representatives on the women & work on 5th may in Bonn”, explains Melanie Vogel, initiator of the exhibition-Congress women & work, which moderated as a career coach of at the same time four of the five webinars. Martin O’Malley shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “Many young women who I have discussed in recent years, were exceptionally well qualified”, as birds continue. “They were fit for a career and had every chance to make it to the top. They were themselves often just in the way.” In particular lack of courage and fear of responsibility were main obstacle, according to Melanie Vogel. In addition”, so They further reported that many young women plan unconsciously only up to the first child. Entering the profession with Handbrake and many continue only with half strength.

They do not exploit their potential because they don’t know how the potential fertility is practiced on the own job. The webinars are aimed at women of all ages – from the student and graduate to Young Professionals and returners. Participate in the Webinars is free of charge. The program in detail: Your international CV Monday, 23.04.2012 18-19: 00 what must be women, moving in an international environment. What is an international CV out and which characteristics can be observed in the individual countries. Tinika Wagner from careers-international provides answers.

Successfully apply is (k) art Tuesday, 24.04.2012 one. 18-19 h heard everything in an application and how can I stand out with my application from the multitude of competitors? The webinar aims targeted to the requirements of the application process, the participants to prepare. How to recognize an attractive employer? Wednesday, 25.04.2012 6 pm-19 pm employer rankings there are like sand on the sea, but so really really smart you is not listed in addition not all companies in these rankings from many, but only “the usual suspects”. An attractive employer so how do you recognize? How can you be sure as a candidate, having found the employers optimum for? The webinar will help to find answers. Work-life balance: live career! Thursday, 26.04.2012 18-19: 00 in our fast-paced, technologiesierten world, are money and career for many no longer aim their professional life. The desire is to work-life balance, a balance between work and private life, increasingly in the focus. The webinar provides insight into the topic of “work-life-balance and helps to create structures to live career. Career factor networking Friday, April 27, 2012. 6 pm-19 pm networking is a very special kind, systematically contacts to other people tie to keep them alive and to maintain relations with the personal or professional life. The webinar gives the participants the main networking techniques, and shows the importance of networking for the own career. Interested women e-mail to register for the interactive seminars, which are held over the Web in “virtual classrooms”. To participate in the webinars, the participants need only a Web browser, the Adobe Flash Player and a speaker enabled on their computer. More information and the link to the webinar room there are under webinars /.


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